Plutarch's Greeks and Romans Podcast

Episode 4: The Life of Romulus Part 2

February 01, 2021 Plutarch902 Season 1 Episode 4
Plutarch's Greeks and Romans Podcast
Episode 4: The Life of Romulus Part 2
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Show Notes

The long awaited conclusion is here! Man or legend, you be the judge!

Romulus begins the episode mounting a  daring rescue of his brother Remus, kidnapped by Numitors herdsmen, and most certainly headed for personal disaster.

With Remus rescued, Numitor on the throne, Romulus will rise to his legend and found Rome, her politics, her military, societal structures and religious and moral codes.

Romulus would lay the foundations for Rome's growth strategies' of integrating her enemies, and striving for glory enshrined in the practice of the triumph!

Man or legend, Rome rose and mastered civilization for millennia.

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Excerpt from the episode

Chris: Before Romulus set out to build the shinning bright city on the hill, he sent for men from Tuscany who would ensure the coming construction projects followed sacred usages, and the written rules in all the ceremonies and rights required prior and during construction.

Chris: First the dug a circular trench for which the Court of Assembly would stand, and solemnly threw in the first fruits of all things good as custom dictated, and lastly every man took some earth and tossed it into the ditch. First Fruits is a common ritual in western religions, and at the time, represented the fruits of their labor from harvest and other fruits of the labor which were allowed under the ceremony rules. Perhaps, this ritual is similar to the breaking of Champaign bottles on the hull of newly minted ocean vessels or ribbon cutting ceremonies for large public projects.

Chris: So, this ditch they dug, they called Mundus, as they called the heavens served as the center of the city, now properly ordained through religious ceremony and rights, would expand out around Mundus very quickly and would grow and grow as the centuries passed. 

Chris: Rome was never said to be well designed and caused future Romans many problems and I wonder if this early city planning provided precedent for how the city would be built.

Chris: Romulus next took a plow attached it to a bull and cow and plowed a large and deep trench around the city center, with workers following behind, massaging the uprooted soil inwards towards the city, forming the foundation for Rome’s first wall system, which was ordained holly, less the spot left for the entrance and side gates, for entrance ways could never be holly due to uncle3an men who would walk through. Maybe sort of like walking under a ladder today is considered a bad omen, but to the superstitious Romans, rituals were godly, and godliness was not something to trifle with or even to attempt fate as that could bring disaster in some form.

Chris: So it is widely accepted Rome was founded or construction began on April 21, and that day the Romans keep holy, calling it their country’s birthday. This is the day that Romulus completed the Mundus, performed the ceremonies and plowed the borders of the city which would eventually house a large wall. Rome was founded and built quickly starting with 1,000 homes and expanded every day. Romulus was the sole King, and the Roman adventure was officially off to the races.

Hope you enjoy the episode

Chris & Ryan

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